Can you Cheat on Online Proctored Exams like ProctorU and ProctorIO

It should immediately give you a view of what your webcam sees. Testing your webcam in Ubuntu is easy thanks to the inclusion of free photo booth app Cheese. Webcams have become increasingly important for both personal and professional communication. More people than ever are using video conferencing in place of audio-only calls If you don’t see something like that, you’ll need to check your browser’s privacy settings.

  • Our online Webcam Mic Tester is accepted on all platforms.
  • The Facecam records in 1080p at 60 frames per second.
  • Select the “Knowledge Base” link and then select “Respondus LockDown Browser” as the product.
  • The best way to cheat on a proctored exam is to use answer hacking software.

A slow or unreliable internet connection can cause issues with your audio and video quality, so it’s best to run a speed test to see if your connection is up to scratch. If you don’t have anyone to help you test your microphone and camera, you can always record a short video clip. To do this, open your webinar platform’s website in your browser and start a new meeting. Once you’re in the meeting, click the “Record” button and start recording your video.

Accessibility and Privacy Statements

Candidates are known to use auto coding software to clear the exam during school/university exams or during recruitment programming tests. These types of software create such programs, without the candidate writing any code themselves. ProctorU not only collects biographical data of the examinee but also collects video, audio and screen recording of the test-taker.

This gives you some time to use search engines or websites to get your answers. If you’re considering online exam proctoring, you may have a few questions about online proctored exams, remote testing, and how it works. Today, many colleges and universities are choosing to choose the online route to test students. This comes as an opportunity for students to cheat and get answers easily. However, these tests are monitored by a proctoring software that monitors screen movements and any other movements of the student.

Can You Get Caught While Cheating with Respondus Lockdown browser?

Respondus Monitor acts as an automated proctoring tool which combines the use of a webcam with LockDown Browser. If you require Lockdown Browser, students cannot access the quiz with a standard browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.). Click here to download and install LockDown Browser. You can also watch a video with a brief overview of LockDown Browser on this page.


If the webcam is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, contact the manufacturer’s support or customer service team for help on getting the webcam fixed. If the Windows Repair process does not fix the problems with the webcam, continue to the last section below. Your webcam might not work due to corrupt Windows system files, causing problems with Windows being able to recognize the webcam or allowing the webcam to work at all. Fixing corrupt system files requires the Windows Repair process to be executed. Click the link below for instructions on how to run the Windows Repair process. The computer may not be recognizing the webcam due to an issue with the operating system.